Where To Find The Best Rail And Coach Deals

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Finding the best rail and coach deals can be a difficult and confusing task. When looking for the best deals it is best to use our 2 step process of searching once, then looking for voucher codes and cashback offers. At the bottom of this article we have also included some of our top tips on where to find the best rail and coach deals.

1. Search for deals on travel comparison sites and travel agencies.

Not all deals will be on every site so put some time in here having a good look around.

Our recommended rail and coach & travel sites are:

Megabus – offer fairs from £1 across the UK. No more than £5 for Wednesday travel. Also go to Paris, Boulogne & Amsterdam!
Click here to see the latest & best Megabus voucher codes & deals.

 title=thetrainline sells train tickets online for all train companies on all national routes. Save 43% compared to on the day at the station.
Click here to see the latest & best thetrainline voucher codes & deals

National Express reach around 1000 destinations in Great Britain & offer customers a top value way to travel throughout the UK and into Europe.
Click here to see the latest & best National Express voucher codes & deals.

Virgin TrainsVirgin Trains offer speedy connections betweeen many of the biggest UK cities. There are no booking fees and they offer cheaper advance fares.
Click here to see the latest & best Virgin Trains voucher codes & deals.

First TransPennine Express DealsFirst TransPennine Express link most of the major cities in the North of the UK. With an advanced purchase you can save up over 50%.
Click here to see the best First TransPennine Express voucher codes & deals.

red spotted hanky dealsRed Spotted Hanky specialise in offering great deals on train fares and provide live train info. They also do hotel, car hire and flight deals.
Click here to see the latest & best Red Spotted Hanky voucher codes & deals.

lastminute.com sell flights, tickets, hotel bookings, car hire and full package rail and coachs and they always have great deals on.
Click here to see the latest & best lastminute voucher codes & deals.

Step 2. Search for voucher codes and opportunities to earn cashback

We promote many of the best rail and coach deals voucher codes on this site, but once you’ve found what you think are the best deals, you might even find that due to the high discount code, cashback rates or even a sale, different deals will now become the best!

Our recommended voucher code and cashback sites for the best rail and coach deals are:

Quidco is one of the Uk’s most popular Cashback sites. They generally give 100% of the Commission they earn as Cashback. You can even earn cashback when shopping instore!

Top Cashback is a hugely popular Cashback site. They pay 100% Cashback on the commission they receive, sometimes even more & offer a guaranteed highest cashback rate, with no administration fees.

Top Tips on where to find the best rail and coach deals

Rail and Coach Deals – Editor’s Picks
thetrainine is a hugely popular site with savings of an average of 43% compared to on the day at the station. They have a fantastic best fare finder which can really help to find the best train deals!

If you are happy with coach travel, Megabus, have really nice, comfortable coaches and offer fairs from £1 across the UK. No more than £5 for Wednesday travel. Also go to Paris, Boulogne & Amsterdam!

Buy your tickets in advance – Tickets can often be purchased up to 12 weeks in advance and really huge savings can be found. But we don’t always plan that far ahead, do we. But! You might be shocked to find some lines will sell what are termed advance tickets the night before or sometimes just hours before. And they still come at a great discount.

Avoid peak times – Quite simply the prices are far higher. Peak times vary from place to place but particularly in London and major cities, they are around the work commuter times. So peak time will be roughly 07.00 – 09.30 and in the afternoon from 16.00 – 19.00. When we refer to peak times we will also want to consider the time of year. If you’re looking to book a rail or coach journey you may find that due to demand the prices are higher in the summer time when people want to travel.

Compare 2 single tickets vs 1 return ticket – Generally the return works out cheaper, but some of the best rail and coach deals are only available as singles so it can be cheaper to buy 2 singles.

Get a railcard – You don’t have to be a regular traveller to make a saving. In fact you could make a saving by purchasing a railcard for just 1 single trip. There are quite a few types. The mains ones are: Young Persons Railcard (16 -25), Family & Friends Railcard, Senior Railcard, Disabled Persons Railcard, and Network Railcard (South East England)

Get a season ticket – If you are a regular traveller or commuter then this is an easy way to make a saving on your regular journey. You’ll also find that the longer your ticket the better the discount.

Consider splitting your tickets – It sounds completely bizarre, but it can sometimes be cheaper to buy 2 tickets for shorter journeys that it can be to buy the full one. This is perfectly legal and you don’t have to get off the train to get back on. The only must is that your train must stop at the station where your first split trip ends.

Watch out for extra costs! – Although often very small there are a few costs that you need to watch for. Booking fees, extra credit cards fees and ticket delivery are the major ones.