Promo codes – What is & how to use a promo code!

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What is a promo code?

A promo code is the much used and shorten term for promotional code. It is simply a word, usually up to ten characters (usually letters & numbers) which has been provided by a retailer to give a discount.

Types of promo codes.

There’s a wide range of possible promo codes, here are the most common types:
– % off e.g. 10% off all orders. This is probably the most popular code type. You’ll quite often see this with very few restrictions.
– ‘Spend & Save’ codes are a popular type. This literally means spend £x and we’ll give £x or x% off e.g. – £10 off when you spend £50 or 20% off when you spend £100.
– Free delivery, or free delivery when you spend £x. This again is very common amongst retailers. However, often customers find the % off codes more appealing…even though free P&P can have a bigger saving!
– Giving away a free gift or supplementary product, isn’t as popular, but can lead to a really nice bonus. This is particularly popular with beauty & food merchants, where they want to give you tasters of their popular products. An example of this would be Whittards of Chelsea, giving free hot chocolate when you spend £30 or Body Shop giving you a free body cream with all orders.

Watch out for exclusions!
It’s actually rare that there isn’t exclusion. Common exclusions include gift cards. This makes perfect sense really; else you’d be literally be buying cheap money. Other common exclusions include sale items or items in any other promotion, such as 3 for 2s.
Promo codes generally also, unless specifically a free delivery code, do not give any discount off the postage and packaging.

How do I use a promo code?

90% of the time a promo code can be entered at the checkout of a website. Usually you add the product you want to buy to your basket or trolley. You will then click to go to the checkout. Here is where some retailers differ. Some will have the promo code box blatantly visible. Others might have it more discretely as a line saying ‘if you have a promotional code click here’. Some however will force you to enter your personal details to be able to see the discount code box and your reduced price.
99% of the time when you enter your code and click ‘apply’ you will be able to see your reduced price. Be wary if nothing happens, as it’s very likely the promo code will have not worked and be invalid.

Here’s an example of where to enter a promo code:
low cost holidays promo code redemption screenshot

Promo Codes on

At we work really hard to find and promote the best offers and codes. There are other sites which provide similar services, but we pride ourselves I only listing genuine offers.
All the retailers that we promote are established, trusted and popular ones. We do a lot of research to find the best deals. Promo codes are either provided directly by the retailer or we may find them elsewhere and test them to make sure that they work. However there will always be circumstances when codes stop working or get cut short. If we ever promote a offer or code that doesn’t work then please get in contact with us! You can do this through our contact form, facebook or twitter and we will change or remove the promotion asap.