Where To Find The Best Cruise Deals

May 15, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Where To Find The Best Deals Tips & Retailers

Cruises are literally the dream holiday for many people and nowadays they are far more affordable than they use to be. However they can still be very pricey. So every small percentage discount that you can get can lead to significant svings on your cruise. In this article we wanted to give you the best overview, with key hints and tips on how and where to find the best cruise deals.

When looking for the best cruise deals use our 2 step process.

Step 1. Search for deals on travel comparison sites and travel agencies.

Not all deals will be on every site so you need to put some time in here having a good look around. If you need some advice compare and read reviews at Cruise.co.uk

Our recommended cruise & travel sites are:

Thomas Cook are world renowned in the holiday sector & regularly get exclusive offers, giving some of the best deals online for cruises.
Click here to see Thomas Cook voucher codes


Opodo provide everything you need to book your perfect holiday and that includes a large section for cruise holidays. The deals section turns up some of the best holiday deals. Click here to see Opodo voucher codes


Brittany Ferries offer not only ferry services to France & Spain but also full cruise packages. The ‘Offers’ section gives some nice usually last-minute cruise deals. Click here to see Brittany Ferries voucher codes and deals


 title=P&O Cruises are hugely popular with regular cruisers. They offer a wide selection of routes and full cruise packages. If flexible the offers section has some great deals. Click here to see P&O Cruises voucher codes


DFDS Seaways cruise dealsDFDS Seaways have great deals on ferry crossings, mini cruises and full cruises in Northern Europe & the Baltic. The ‘special offers’ are great deals if flexible. Click here to see DFDS Seaways voucher codes and deals.



Don’t forget the cruise daily deal sites – Although you might not be able to choose your exact cruise, if you’re flexible you will find some unbelievable travel and cruise deals.

Groupon DealsGroupon have a different featured deal everyday at up to 90% off. This often includes some of the best holiday deals that can be found on the internet and occassionally these include cruises.


Step 2. Search for voucher codes

We promote many of the best cruise deals voucher codes on this site! Click here to visit the Cruise voucher codes. You might also be able to save even more by earning Cashback…

Cruise Deals – Editor’s Picks

If flexible The P&O cruises last minute cruise deals turn up some really nice offers!

Thomas Cook who were voted the ‘Uk’s best cruise retailer also have a fantastic ‘Deal of the Day‘ Section.

Top Tips on where to find the best cruise deals

Time your booking. The prices on cruises don’t tend to work like every other holiday. Cruise lines are very careful that they are not seen to be slashing prices drastically at the last minute to fill rooms. If they did that nobody would book early and so you’ll often find they would rather have some empty rooms than go to these lengths.

However, some cruises will discount heavily at last minute. After all it’s one thing having a fee empty rooms and quite another having an empty ship! If you are very flexible on location and dates, then booking late can turn up some of the best cruise deals. …but you do take a risk that you might not get what you want.

So if you see a great deal on the dates and cruise line that you want it’s actually best to book it, rather than hang about. In fact some lines offer early booking discounts . This can include a straight % off or free upgrades.

Consider the free upgrades in calculating your best cruise deal. Onboard money credits or prepaid tips. Sometimes cruises will through this in and they can total a significant amount.

Avoid peak season. It’s well known that cruise prices go up during popular times. It’s not always possible to avoid these. For example if you want to take children you are probably going to have to go during the school cruises, but unfortunately prices are generally higher during these periods.

It’s always a good idea to read reviews on sites such as Trip Advisor. They might even suggest a similar, but better cruise.

Watch out for hidden costs! It’s easy to think that the best cruise deal is found just by looking at the initial cost, but you also need to consider a whole lot more on the location you have chosen. These consist of cruise insurance fees, travel to and from the airports, currency exchange rates, airport parking, extra baggage charges on flights.

Consider the currency exchange rates. There are some top resorts which have currencies and local prices which against the pound go a long way…and they are not too far from home. Turkey, Tunisia and Bulgaria could be among the considerations.

Food and drink can be expensive, consider all-inclusive packages. The idea of all-inclusive packages being for the rich really is a thing of the past. Do a rough calculation comparing self-catered, half board and full board and you could be very pleasantly surprised.

Book your own flights. If you need to fly to your departure port you will get the option of adding this to the package. Although this is easy you might get a better deal by booking your flight yourself. However, if you miss your cruise because this flight didn’t work out, it’s very unlikely you’ll get a refund on your cruise.

Don’t forget that when comparing you need to compare like for like cabins. There can be a huge swing in costs from a lower inside cabin to an upper cabin with a sea view. Some cruise lines even offer a lucky dip at a reduced price, but you need to make sure that you would be happy with the worst option!