Where To Find The Best Deals On Laptops

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The best laptop deals and tips to finding the best laptop offers are brought to you here by the team at WhereToFindTheBestDeals.com.

First off here’s some of the best laptop deals currently available. Do make sure that you check to see if there are any voucher codes, by looking at the storepage before making a purchase.

Our Top 5 Laptop Deals!

TOSHIBA Satellite L50-C-1GX 15.6″ Laptop – White Was:£429.99 You Save: £150.99 Now: £279.00 at Currys

ACER Aspire R3-131T 11.6″ 2 in 1 – White Was:£279.99 You save: £80.02 Now: £199.97 at Currys

Apple MacBook Air 13″ 1.6Ghz DC i5 4Gb 128GB SSD RRP: £849.00 Price: £719.99 at Amazon

HP 250 G3 Core i3-4005U 4GB 500GB 15.6 inch DVDSM Windows 8.1 Laptop – Charcoal – Was:£378.98 You save: £109.00 Now: £269.98 at laptops direct

Asus X555LA 15.6″ Laptop Intel Core i3 4G 1TB Black Was:£349.00 SAVE: £20.00 Now: £329.00

Find the best laptop deal with our 2 step process.

1. Search laptop sites to find a favourite offer.

Our recommended laptop sites with codes & deals are:

Electrical Discount UK sell a wide range of electricals online & have a nice computing and laptop range too. They are also very competitive on prices! Check out the ‘clearance bargains’ section for top deals on laptops.
Click here to see current Electrical Discount UK voucher codes and deals


Argos pretty much sell everything and they do this at excellent value. With such bulk buying power they always seem to have great deals on! The laptop section is strong and the recommmended offers are always very competitive.
Click here to see current Argos voucher codes and deals.


 title=Amazon promote a huge amount of products. They are listed and distributed by a vast number of different sellers, including other top retailers … so you’ll find some of the best prices for laptops on the internet!
Click here to see current Amazon voucher codes and deals.


Currys are a very popuular electrical retailer who sell 1000s of products, with computing lines including laptops & PCs. They do Free Uk delivery & offer great computer deals, expecially in te clearance section.
Click here to see current Currys voucher codes and deals.


It’s a great idea to use laptop comparison sites too

Kelkoo is one of the world’s largest shopping comparison websites with millions of offers from thousands of retailers in the UK alone; compare prices on laptops & other products in hundreds of categories in seconds.

Don’t forget the laptop daily deal sites – Although you might not be able to choose your exact laptop, if you’re flexible you will find some unbelievable deals.

Groupon have a different exclusive featured deal everday at up to 90% off. This includes computer deals on products such as laptop, notebooks, tablets & much more.


2. Find voucher codes and cashback offers

We promote many of the best laptop deals and voucher codes on this site!
Click here to visit the Laptop voucher codes.


Laptop Deals – Editor’s Picks

With such a wide variety of laptop brands & specifications and different companies stocking different laptops it’s impossible to do fair price comparison. If you know the exact model you are after you can use Kelkoo to compare laptop prices at many online sites. We have highlighted some of our favourite deals:

The PC World laptop clearance section has some really huge savings at the moment too!

Great online budget deals – Laptops Direct sell a huge selection of not only laptops but also tablets, PCs, software & accessories. Check out the refurbished & clearance section for some of the best computer deals.


Top Tips on where to find the best deals on laptops

Some people are wary to buy from the laptop clearance or outlet sections. But they shouldn’t be! Laptops aren’t in clearance or outlet because they’re no good it might be because they are last years model or have been overproduced.

To follow this it’s a good idea to shop during the festive season & sale periods as during this time to boost sales many stores provide strong discounts. Key sales periods in the Uk include Pre-Christmas (November/December) which runs into the January sales. Also during the ‘back to school’ season in August/September.

Some sites also offer refurbished laptops, which you’ll get at really good price. Check they offer some sort of a guarantee on this and if they do, then they can make a great purchase.

Do a lot of research and make sure you buy the laptop that is right for you! There are so many different specs of computers and firstly, you need to decide exactly what you want to use your laptop for. Here are a few broad categories that you might fit into:

Casual user – using it for the basics such as surfing the internet, checking emails & listening to music. A budget laptop up to £450 will be plenty.

Traveller – again you’ll want the basics as with the casual user but also consider the laptop weight (2kg or less is ideal), laptop size (most people are comfortable with 13” but you can get smaller, you might also want to consider a tablet), laptop drives (make sure you check it’s actually got a DVD drive. Many smaller/lite laptops or notebooks come without these. If there isn’t an internal optical drive you might need a larger hard drive).

Home user or Desktop Replacement Laptops: – You’ve had enough of your clunky desktop & want a laptop to replace. You’ll want a high spec with 4GB of RAM, large (350GB+) hard-drive and a fast dual core processor . Get a large screen 15” minimum and consider Blu Ray playing.

Multimedia user: you’re going to need to edit photos, videos & music. Memory of 4GB should be fine but the bigger the better! A graphics card from 128MB to 1GB is ideal. You might need to check laptop capabilities for connecting to musical instruments, cameras etc Consider the number of USB ports & also a Firewire port.You might need a quiet laptop? Consider the noise of the fans.

Gamer – you’ll want to play at the newest games, at the fastest speeds with the best visuals. Unless you’re connecting to a projector or TV you’ll need a big screen, 15” minimum. Quad core processors are common.want a 1GB dedicated graphics card
Display – Full HD is recommended

With so many customisable specifications we can’t cover everything. But the key points to consider when buying are the following:

Processor: Intel Core’s are highly recommended
Memory: 2GB can power most, but we recommend getting 4GB
Storage: 250GB disk is usually enough, if you store loads of movies, go for 500GB +
Wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi is standard but alos consier blue tooth for external peripherals
Software: Windows is standard
Bodywork, Aesthetics & Laptop Look: The sexy, stylish laptops cost more, decide how much this means to you. But also run a test on doing your day to day tasks. Does the lid open easily? Does it feel sturdy? Is the coating good quality or likely to scratch? Do the mouse pad & keys work smoothly and feel comfortable? How quickly does it start up?
Display: Check the laptop at differnet angels. Budget laptops have screens that can’t view at wide angles. For 15” you’ll want 1440 pixels minimum.
Battery life: Check out the watt-hour rating – 48W/h or more is good.

Once you have found that perfect laptop, read reviews on sites such as Which? They might even suggest a similar but better product and also don’t forget use the price comparison sites.