Where To Find The Best Ferry Deals

May 11, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Where To Find The Best Deals Tips & Retailers

Finding the best ferry deals can be a difficult and confusing task. When looking for the best ferry deals it is best to use our 2 step process of searching once then looking for voucher codes and cashback. At the bottom of this article we have also included some of our top tips on where to find the best ferry deals.


1. Search for deals on ferry comparison sites.

Not all deals will be on every site so put some time in here having a good look around.

Our recommended ferry sites are:

Brittany Ferries offer not only ferry services to France & Spain but also full cruise packages at very competitive prices.
Click here to see the latest and best Brittany Ferries voucher codes and deals.


 title=P&O Ferries offer a wide selection of routes and full cruise packages. If flexible the offers section has some great deals. The always have offers onsite and even offer a break packages.


DFDS Seaways provide Ferry Crossings & Cruises in Northern Europe & the Baltic. The offers section has some great deals.
Click here to see the latest and best DFDS Seaways voucher codes and deals.



2. Search for voucher codes and cashback offers

We promote many of the best ferry deals voucher codes on this site. Click here to see all the best voucher and deals on ferries.

Top Tips on where to find the best ferry deals

Buy early or buy late?
This is a definitely a ‘swings and roundabouts’ solution. Generally if you are going to be booking a ferry to a reasonably popular destination and at a popular time, then you are better off booking early. However, if you are flexible on times and particularly destinations then there are some great deals to be found last minute!

Check out both the comparison sites and the direct ferry sites.
Comparison sites are great for a broad, detailed overview and should be your first point of call. However, sometimes there will be special deals or members discounts on the ferry sites.

Be flexible on your travel date and time.
Prices are generally more expensive with demand. Also ferries to popular destinations during school holidays are more expensive. Travelling at undesirable times such as very early in the morning or late at night also provide the best ferry deals. You can research the best prices and times by using the ferry comparison sites.

Consider one-way ferry trips.
It always used to be that the return or round trip worked out cheaper. However, many of the best ferry deals are on single trips. You can pick and choose, times, dates and you don’t even have to use the same ferry ports.

Watch out for hidden charges.
Don’t rush through the payment process. Sometimes ferry companies will automatically tick the travel insurance box. If you already have travel insurance you don’t need this. Even if you don’t, you will often find a better deal elsewhere. Other fees to look out for are credit card fees, extra baggage fees and if you decide not to take your car, the fees on leaving it at the ferry port.

Consider Ferry Facilities.
Particularly if travelling overnight. You are going to want to compare cabins and sleeping facilities. Do you actually need a cabin? Plenty of ferries have quiet areas with recliner chairs which will do for 1 night.