Where To Find The Best Holiday Deals

May 3, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Where To Find The Best Deals Tips & Retailers

Where to find the best holiday deals It’s a complicated matter when looking where to find the best holiday deals. Sales, voucher codes, unique holiday deals and not to mention hidden costs make it a tough comparison. That’s why thousands of people use our deal portal and article with top tips to find the best deals on holidays. In this article we give you top tips on finding the best holiday deals, recommended holiday agents and sites and ways to earn cashback on top of all of this.

When looking for the best holiday deals use our 2 step process.

Step 1. Search for deals on travel comparison sites and travel agencies.

Not all deals will be on every site so put some time in here having a good look around.

Our recommended holiday & travel sites are:

lastminute.com sell flights, tickets, hotel bookings, car hire and full package holidays and they always have great deals on.
Click here to see the latest and best lastminute voucher codes and deals.


Expedia.co.uk is a very popular online travel provider. They have a huge range of discounted holiday products including full package holidays.
Click here to see the latest and best Expedia voucher codes and deals.


Thomas Cook are world renowned in the holiday and travel sector. Get the best deals online for hotels, flights, package holidays, cruises and travel extras.
Click here to see the latest and best Thomas Cook voucher codes and deals.


On the Beach specialise in beach package holidays. There is a huge selection of flights & over 30,000 hotels to choose and build the perfect beach holiday.
Click here to see the latest and best On the Beach voucher codes and deals.


easyJet holidays not only give great deals on flights but also have great holiday deals including city breaks to 27 countries.
Click here to see the latest and best easyJet holidays voucher codes and deals.


Opodo provide everything you need to book your perfect holiday. The deals section turns up some of the best holiday deals.
Click here to see the latest and best Opodo voucher codes and deals.


Brittany Ferries offer not only ferry services to France & Spain but also full holiday packages at competitive prices.
Click here to see the latest and best Brittany Ferries voucher codes and deals.


 title=P&O Ferries offer a wide selection of routes and full cruise packages. If flexible the offers section has some great deals.
Click here to see the latest and best P&O Ferries voucher codes and deals.


Don’t forget the daily deal sites alos offer great value holidays – Although you might not be able to choose your exact holiday, if you’re flexible you will find some unbelievable travel and holiday deals.

Groupon have a different featured deal everyday at up to 90% off. If you are flexible on location this often includes some of the best holiday deals that can be found on the internet.


Step 2. Search for voucher codes and opportunities to earn cashback

We promote many of the best holiday deals voucher codes on this site, but once you’ve found what you think are the best deals, you might even find that due to the high discount code, cashback rates or even a sale, different deals will now become the best!


Our picks on where to find the best holiday deals

Featured Holiday & Travel Deal
Deal of the Day at lastminute.com
The lastminute.com Deal of the Day section highlights heavily discounted top holiday deals. You’ll regularly get offers at 1/3 or more off the the RRP in stunning locations around the world. Whether you’re after a romantic break to the Caribbean, an upbeat clubbing holiday in the Canaries, or a relaxed family escape to the beaches of Egypt, lastmiute can cater for all. The reason that they’re so cheap is that the hotel in question has rooms to fill and you’ll literally be on that holiday within the next few weeks.

Top Tips on how, when and where to find the best holiday deals

1. Book last-minute. We say that but actually this doesn’t have to be as late as you would expect. There’s quite a large pool of major tour operators who release their deals with approximately 8 weeks to go. So 8 weeks before you intend to leave can often be a good time to look for the best holiday deals! So take advantage of these special offers. If a hotel for some reason hasn’t filled their rooms, or a tour operator hasn’t filled the package holiday bookings they will often slash prices to get people in.

2. Shop during the sale periods. This can be all year round in terms of holiday but travel merchants still have traditional January sales.

3. Avoid peak season. It’s well known that holiday prices go up during popular times. It’s not always possible to avoid these. For example if you want to take children you are probably going to have to go during the school holidays, but unfortunately prices are generally higher during these periods. If you don’t have children you can get some of the best holiday deals but avoiding the school holidays. Ski holidays are very seasonal too, going at the beginning or the end of the season will give a much better deal, but you take the risk that the snow won’t be as thick.

4. Read reviews. It’s always a good idea to on sites such as Trip Advisor. You’ll avoid disappointment and they might even suggest a similar, but better holiday.

5. Watch out for hidden costs! It’s easy to think that the best holiday deal is found just by looking at the initial cost, but you also need to consider a whole lot more on the location you have chosen. These consist of holiday insurance fees, travel to and from the airports, currency exchange rates, airport parking, extra baggage charges on flights

6. Consider the currency exchange rates. There are some top resorts which have currencies and local prices which against the pound go a long way…and they are not too far from home. Turkey, Tunisia and Bulgaria could be among the considerations.

7. Food and drink can be expensive, consider all-inclusive packages. The idea of all-inclusive packages being for the rich really is a thing of the past. Do a rough calculation comparing self-catered, half board and full board and you could be very pleasantly surprised.